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ANNIE The Musical

Programme / \Running Order.

Performed by The Talented students of The Stage School

From Star Studios.... Ondara Theatre May 22nd 2pm and 6pm

www.thestageschool.com  /  www.starstudios.es

Jasmine and Honor are the talented young girls bringing the part of Annie to life,


Act 1                                                                       Overture

Scene 1    New York City Orphanage              Maybe

                                                                                It's a Hard Knock Life

Scene 2    Street Corner                                    Tomorrow

                                                                                 Dumb Dog

Scene 3    Hooverville                                          We’d like to thank you Herbert Hoover

Scene 4    New York City Orphanage               Little Girls

Scene 5    Warbucks Mansion                             I think I'm gonna Like it Here

Scene 6     New York City                                    N.Y.C

Scene 7    Miss Hannigan's office                        Easy Street.

Scene 8    Warbucks Mansion                             Maybe.


Act 2                                                                        Overture

Scene 1    N.B.C Radio Studio                             Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Scene 2    New York City Orphanage                Never Fully Dressed Reprise

Scene 3    The Cabinet Room, White House    Tomorrow

Scene 4/5    Warbucks Mansion                          Together at Last

Scene  6    Warbucks Mansion                             New Deal for Christmas

Finale                                                                        Annie, Annie, Annie.


Cast List

Named Orphans    2pm show        Zoe, Ruby, Tessa, Ayda, Valerie, Arianna

Annie                        Honor

6pm show        Saar, Ivy, Livia, Eli, Finn, Summer

Annie                               Jasmine.

Miss Hannigan                Sophia

Mr Bundles                     Jeremy

Apple Sellers                   Maia and Kara

Dog Catchers                 Amelia    and Eva

Lt. Ward                           Karina

Snowy                               Mickey

Grace Farrell                   Maia 

Drake                                Jemima

Warbucks                         Tony

Rooster                             Eva

Lily St Regis                      Stella

Berta Healy                       Kira

Wacky the dummy           Amelia

Johnson masked announcer            Maia

Freda McCracken            Bella

Sound effects man            Enrique

Ronnie, Bonnie & Connie            Jemima, Anastasia, Karina

Roosevelt                            Jeremy

Ickes                                    Anastasia

Howe                                  Feline

Hull                                     Bella

Morganthau                      Amelia

Perkins                               Maia

Annie the musical with The Stage school, from Star Studios, Javea, Arenal

The Stage School is proud to present the family feel good musical ‘Annie’ on the 22nd May at the Auditorio Ondara, 2pm and 6pm directed and choreographed by Lucy Glister of Star Studios.

The students have been working hard to bring this fabulous musical to life, with all the well known and loved songs, energetic choreography and even a real dog, Mickey

Jasmine and Honor are the talented young girls bringing the part of Annie to life, sharing the role in the two performances at they successfully auditioned for the part and are very excited to wow the audience along with their 40 cast mates.

It's going to be a fabulous show and one not to be missed, so come and support the youngsters and enjoy a live theatre experience !

Tickets are just 10 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for children under 11 years, available by calling Lucy 671967150, from Star Studios, or directly at the theatre on the day.


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